Matt Haberland


I'm an Assistant Professor in the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering at Cal Poly. My current agricultural research interests lie in robot swarm control, but I am also continuing work on automatic classification of body worn video, and I am a core developer for SciPy, a scientific computing library for Python. This fall, I am teaching BRAE 129 (Laboratory Skills and Safety) and BRAE 421 (Equipment Engineering).


BRAE 8-101

1 Grand Ave

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407







Current research interests include robot swarm control and ego-activity classification of body-worn video. My graduate research at MIT was on extracting principles from biology for application to robot design.



I've taught courses in computer programming (C++, Java, Python), bio-inspired robots, numerical simulation, dynamics, and system dynamics/controls. Last year, I won a department teaching award at UCLA.



Prior to graduate study, I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I created the rock drill Contact Sensor / Stabilizer for Mars Science Laboratory.

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